BIONIC School is an educational project where one can learn the most popular programming languages ​​and start creating their own cool technologies. This is your first step to international projects, high income and exciting prospects! It is here that you will find systematic knowledge which IT newcomers lack, as well as the ability to immediately use obtained knowledge in practice under the guidance of major experts.


What do you get from the training?

  • Confident start in IT-career
  • Practical skills in the chosen focus area
  • Active interaction with the trainers who will help you to find your way in the industry
  • Contacts of high-level IT-professionals 
  • Opportunity to continue education for free at BIONIC University (where recommendation from the trainer and the high final results are available)


  • Before we offer the program, we ask IT companies, whether that knowledge is in-demand on the market.
  • We find experienced trainers and experts who are able to clearly explain to others how to achieve the same level of success.
  • The training program consists of theory and practice. One can practice their skills as soon as they learn them from a coach.
  • We value our certificate. As well as employers do. Therefore, if you skip classes or do not defend the final project, we will not confirm your knowledge officially. You can really not get a certificate, even if you pay for the education.

Besides, it is interesting and fun with us!

Want to join?

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