1. Can I use background material during the testing?

While taking tests (both technical and English) candidates are not allowed to use the Internet or any other resources.

2. Does a higher technical education matter while entering BIONIC University?

Candidate’s education does not matter, as the main criterion is candidate’s knowledge of the field.

3. Does BIONIC School contribute to the employment after the graduation?

BIONIC School supports employment of the best graduates, but does not guarantee this to all its students.

4. How is the total score after taking all selection stages calculated?

On the very 1st selection stage  we calculate mid-term score (technical part -70%, English test -30%). After taking a personal interview we form a total candidate’s score,  which is 70% of mid-term score and 30% of the personal interview.

5. How many tests can I take within one enrollment?

Within the framework of BIONIC School project the сandidate is allowed to take a test only for 2 programs within one enrollment. If the candidate is interested in some other courses, his or her application will be reviewed during the next enrollment. Within the framework of BIONIC University and BIONIC Pro projects the amount of programs you can apply for is not limited. 

6. How to get to the testing?

You need to fill in application form and choose a program you are interested in. You will receive invitation to the testing as soon as the enrollment starts. 

7. If you have not found an answer to your question

Сontact us: university@bionic-hill.com

8. Is there a possibility to study online?

Currently, online classes are being designed.

9. What command of English is necessary to pass the test?

 The required level is Intermediate.

10. What do they ask on the personal interview?

During the personal interview you will discuss with the BU Admission Committee your technical skills,  personal qualities, motivation and goals of both studying at BIONIC University and further professional development.

11. What is the schedule for the classes?

Usually, the classes take place on weekdays’ evenings from 6|6:30 to 9|9:30 p.m. twice/three times a week depending on the program. But also we have daytime programs. In this case the schedule is agreed with the trainer. 

12. Will I receive the certificate after graduation?

On successful completion of the program which means passing all mid-term and final tests, final project review, the graduate is granted the certificate and is invited to join BU Alumni Club.