Level: Core
36 hours / 1.5 months

* The payment is made in native currency at the exchange rate of NBU on the date of agreement.

*The payment can be made in two parts.


The course provides program "from the ground up" for advanced PC users. To enter this course it is not obligatory to have background knowledge of programming.

The certificate of completion of any BIONIC SchoolBIONIC University and BIONIC University Pro program guarantees 10% discount for this program.

  • HTML, CSS, adaptive layout
  • Practical skills of web design

Front-end Developer – is one of the most urgent positions in the area of IT. Our program will help you to learn advanced technologies of web development (HTML, CSS, adaptive layout) and start a professional career as a webpage designer.


Layout basics. The structure of HTML page. Cross browser and valid layout. Basic tags. Styles: value and methods of use. Inline styles and the difference between browsers. The actual value of the item (box-sizing, margin, padding, border, width, height). Class and id. Direct tags’ styling.

Block layout. Inheritance of attributes. Selectors. Float. Pseudo Elements and Pseudo Classes.

Images. Formats. Vector and bitmap graphics. Images’ resolutions used in the web. Content and decorative images. Image optimization, compression, sprites, vector images.

Photoshop for the Web Developers. Basic tools. PSD layout. Layout cutting. Creating sprites. Static page layout.

Modular layout. Modular grids in web design. Horizontal and vertical rhythm.

Positioning. Interconnection between elements of different positioning conditions.

Forms and their elements. Basics. Interconnection between the tags. Setting rules. Validation of forms.

Adaptive layout on the basis of "mobile first".

Flexbox. Properties and application.


During the studying students develop a course project on the general layout. Upon completion of the program there will presentation of the project on the individual layout. Usually we invite technical experts from the IT-companies which allows students to hear comments about their work, and expand the range of professional contacts.


Front-end program is just the first step in studying Front-end technology. You can start your training with any program that corresponds to your level of knowledge. All graduates of Front-end Pro programs will be invited to participate in the Internship.

The BU DevStudio Internship is the program for BIONIC School graduates where you can get experience of teamwork on a real business project. During 5 months interns develop software solutions for the customer and present the finished product (MVP) at the end. Thus, interns not only deepen the knowledge of technology, but also receive the first project in the portfolio, which distinguishes them in the labor market. About half of the Internship participants find work before they complete the program.


If you face any difficulties during the registration process (you didn’t receive an e-mail with the profile activation link, you have some troubles with application form, you can’t log in to your account), please follow this link. After you fill in the form our administrator will contact you as soon as possible.

Evgenii Udod
Art Director, UI/UX designer
Evgenii Udod
Art Director, UI/UX designer
10 years of experience in design, engineering and layout. Successfully implemented projects in e-commerce, financial sector, media. Among his clients are large retailers, companies from Europe and the United States.
Marat Dospolov
Javascript Team Leader, EPAM Systems
Marat Dospolov
Javascript Team Leader, EPAM Systems
More than 7 years of experience in a number of major international IT-companies. Creation of IT-products (CRM, web applications) and participation in outsourcing projects for customers from Ukraine, Europe and the United States. Has led the Front-end development of the marketing portal for Adidas. Participated in projects for customers from tourism, media, aviation, securities trading. An expert in JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, ember.js, HTML, SASS, CSS and other technologies.
Alexander Luschenko
Front-end developer, freelancer
Alexander Luschenko
Front-end developer, freelancer
An experienced trainer and web developer. Has knowledge of a full cycle of Front-end development: from the development of patterns in the PSD to the layout and interface with the Back-end. He combines successful experience of creating projects in e-commerce, retail, fashion-goods for clients from the CIS countries and unique approach to Front-end development training.
Dmitriy Pocheketa
Frontend Developer, Cogniance
Dmitriy Pocheketa
Frontend Developer, Cogniance
Dmytro – talented trainer and successful developer with experience of work in international IT companies. Among his achievements - establishing school of Front-end development, where he taught the newcomers to the level of Junior Front-end Developers. Dmytro participated in the development of projects for commercial and government organizations in Ukraine and abroad. For example - creating system of advertising sales in real time mode. Finalist of UA Web Challenge.
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Yes, Bionic definitely helped me achieve what I wanted, namely to become a programmer. It's quite difficult to reach the level that corresponds to the modern requirements of employers on our own, and BIONIC helped me learn a programming language, technologies, and most importantly try everything on practical projects. Your university has influenced my life more than 5 years in good Ukrainian university. Thank you!

Margaryta Kozub
Graduate of 3 Tech+Soft programs

Studying at Bionic for me was very useful and interesting. The knowledge helped to quickly master new technologies of development. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your programs.

Vasyl Skliarov
Graduate of 7 Tech+Soft Programs

I think that Bionic is the strongest IT training center now, with a lot of relevant topics, trainers are all practitioners, enough practical tasks, a lot of like-minded and interesting peers. I would highly recommend to all undergraduates and juniors/middles, or people who want to expand their knowledge

Denys Balastryk
Graduate of 3 Tech programs