Front-end Pro
Level: Advanced

*The payment is made in native currency at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine which is prevailing at the date of signing of agreement.

*The payment can be made in two parts.


This program is a logical continuation of Front-end, therefore, candidates who want to start training with Front-end Pro, should have knowledge and skills regarding topics covered in Front-end.

The certificate of completion of any BIONIC SchoolBIONIC University and BIONIC University Pro program guarantees 10% discount for this program.


Graduates, who successfully complete the program, will acquire experience of team work while developing projects, experience of using version control systems, will learn about the effectiveness of CSS processors in production and the features of layout with the involvement of the framework Bootstrap/Materialize. Will master jQuery application to create powerful and dynamic web pages.



SASS + Compass. Application area. Installation and application. Variables, embedding, arguments, inheritance and additions. Setting format styles.

Bootstrap and Materialize. Installation. Application principles. Integrated modular grid. Adaptive layout. Styles and features. Customizing. Template layout.

jQuery. Connection methods. Selectors. Animation. Forms. Manipulating the DOM. Connection and modification of finished plugins.


During the studying the group is divided into teams, each of them developes the project. Upon completion of the program final presentation takes place. Usually we invite Tech experts and HR managers from leading IT companies to the final project presentation. It gives an opportunity to receive feedback on a project from experts and expand range of contacts.


All graduates of Front-end Pro program will be invited to participate in the Internship.

The BU DevStudio Internship is the program for BIONIC School graduates where you can get experience of teamwork on a real business project. During 5 months interns develop software solutions for the customer and present the finished product (MVP) at the end. Thus, interns not only deepen the knowledge of technology, but also receive the first project in the portfolio, which distinguishes them in the labor market. About half of the Internship participants find work before they complete the program.


If you face any difficulties during the registration process (you didn’t receive an e-mail with the profile activation link, you have some troubles with application form, you can’t log in to your account), please follow this link. After you fill in the form our administrator will contact you as soon as possible.

Evgenii Udod
Art Director, UI/UX designer
Evgenii Udod
Art Director, UI/UX designer
10 years of experience in design, engineering and layout. Successfully implemented projects in e-commerce, financial sector, media. Among his clients are large retailers, companies from Europe and the United States.
Alexander Luschenko
Front-end developer, freelancer
Alexander Luschenko
Front-end developer, freelancer
An experienced trainer and web developer. Has knowledge of a full cycle of Front-end development: from the development of patterns in the PSD to the layout and interface with the Back-end. He combines successful experience of creating projects in e-commerce, retail, fashion-goods for clients from the CIS countries and unique approach to Front-end development training.
Dmitriy Pocheketa
Frontend Developer, Cogniance
Dmitriy Pocheketa
Frontend Developer, Cogniance
Dmytro – talented trainer and successful developer with experience of work in international IT companies. Among his achievements - establishing school of Front-end development, where he taught the newcomers to the level of Junior Front-end Developers. Dmytro participated in the development of projects for commercial and government organizations in Ukraine and abroad. For example - creating system of advertising sales in real time mode. Finalist of UA Web Challenge.
Shypovskaya Katherina
Front-end developer @ Boosta
Manziuk Liudmila Anatolievna
Front-end developer
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Two programs - Front-end I and Front-end ІI, were very helpful for learning the basics of web design and comprehending its entire process. This knowledge is enough for the Junior position as long as one has responsible approach to learning and hits the books. I would also like to thank the whole team of Bionic for the opportunity to study in your university.

Olexander Fomich

Yes, Bionic definitely helped me achieve what I wanted, namely to become a programmer. It's quite difficult to reach the level that corresponds to the modern requirements of employers on our own, and BIONIC helped me learn a programming language, technologies, and most importantly try everything on practical projects. Your university has influenced my life more than 5 years in good Ukrainian university. Thank you!

Margaryta Kozub
Graduate of 3 Tech+Soft programs

Studying at Bionic for me was very useful and interesting. The knowledge helped to quickly master new technologies of development. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your programs.

Vasyl Skliarov
Graduate of 7 Tech+Soft Programs

I think that Bionic is the strongest IT training center now, with a lot of relevant topics, trainers are all practitioners, enough practical tasks, a lot of like-minded and interesting peers. I would highly recommend to all undergraduates and juniors/middles, or people who want to expand their knowledge

Denys Balastryk
Graduate of 3 Tech programs