QA Manual
Level: Core
Background needed

This program does not require any prior knowledge in the field of testing or projects' development, but it will be much easier to understand the course if a candidate has some technical background knowledge. Basic knowledge of working with computer and operating systems, an understanding of data structures and networks, basic knowledge of object-oriented programming will be a huge advantage.

Skills and knowledge acquired

The program provides an understanding of the role of testing in the life cycle of software development, from planning and writing requirements to the introduction of the product into operation. Practical exercises, homework and monitoring of theoretical knowledge provide precisely the skills needed for the job. In teaching we use issue tracking system - Jira, which is often used in real projects. Graduates who successfully complete the program can apply for the position of Junior QA (manual).

Program major topics

The concept of testing, types of testing. The concept of quality and quality attributes. QA and QC.
Lifecycles and Methodologies
Waterfall, V-model. Methodologies (RUP). Iterative development (builds, source control, continuous integration). Labs: Jira demo
Software requirements (SRS)
Workshop on writing requirements.
Requirements Analysis
Requirements review. Labs: Update requirements.
Test documentation
Test cases. Labs: Analyze specification; Prepare test cases.
Defect: mandatory fields, lifecycle accounting system defects. Workshop on manual testing. Documentation of defects found (Jira).
Test documentation
Labs: Bugs review. Planning for testing (test plan, test strategy).
Career start
CV, Interview preparation.


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Lyubov Monsar
Business Analyst, Infopulse
Lyubov Monsar
Business Analyst, Infopulse
An experienced QA trainer, QA engineer with international certification, business analyst. More than 8 years of experience in IT at one of Europe's leading IT-companies. 6 years of coaching experience, development of personal programs for QA engineers to acquire international certification ISTQB. More than 100 students of her course successfully work in IT-companies.
Oleksii Ostapov
Senior QA manager, Infopulse
Oleksii Ostapov
Senior QA manager, Infopulse
International ISTQB certification. As a test engineer was involved in the development of systems and products for one of the world's largest corporations. Within a few years of coaching Alex has released 10 groups of testers. 70% of them now successfully work in IT-companies.
Mikhail Chub
Senior Test Manager @ Infopulse
Mikhail Chub
Senior Test Manager @ Infopulse
ISTQB certified test manager, with diverse experience in the effective implementation of large-scale projects. Among the clients of Mikhail are financial and insurance companies, representatives of health sector and telecom sphere, etc. In general more than 10 years of experience in testing.
Hanna Lazarieva
Senior QA Engineer
Hanna Lazarieva
Senior QA Engineer
Более 6 лет опыта в тестировании в продуктовых и аутсорс компаниях.Выпускница 4-х программ в Bionic University, ISTQB certified
Максюта Александр Сергеевич
Aglie QA Automation @ "Luxoft"
Students Enrolled
Classes per week
Client Happiness, %

The program was very well structured, all the topics needed have been included. There were many practical assignments for home work and in the classroom as well as the original way of teaching material. Our teacher Lyuba is very nice and bright person, who would not let us get bored :) I am satisfied with everything, but decided not to stop on QA, and develop in the Front-End area, in which is working right now.

Olga Romankiv
Program graduate

QA Standard program has helped me structure my existing knowledge, gain new skills and prepare for the interview. As a result, during the course I felt the strength to change the place of work and look for a position in a large IT company. I successfully gained a QA position at Luxoft, even before the course was finished.

Iaroslava Muzhenko
QA Standard Graduate

Отличная программа и тренера из Infopulse. Если какой-то момент был непонятен, то они его повторяли и объясняли столько, сколько было нужно. Домашние задания были достаточно сложными, а оценивание — строгим, но зато это позволило за 6 недель программы получить необходимый для Junior'a уровень.

Антон Кривко
Выпускник программы

Studying at Bionic for me was very useful and interesting. The knowledge helped to quickly master new technologies of development. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your programs.

Vasyl Skliarov
Graduate of 7 Tech+Soft Programs

I think that Bionic is the strongest IT training center now, with a lot of relevant topics, trainers are all practitioners, enough practical tasks, a lot of like-minded and interesting peers. I would highly recommend to all undergraduates and juniors/middles, or people who want to expand their knowledge

Denys Balastryk
Graduate of 3 Tech programs

Yes, Bionic definitely helped me achieve what I wanted, namely to become a programmer. It's quite difficult to reach the level that corresponds to the modern requirements of employers on our own, and BIONIC helped me learn a programming language, technologies, and most importantly try everything on practical projects. Your university has influenced my life more than 5 years in good Ukrainian university. Thank you!

Margaryta Kozub
Graduate of 3 Tech+Soft programs