Java ЕЕ
Level: Advanced

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Java EE program is specially developed to prepare students for profound Java technologies studying and team work on BU DevStudio Internship projects. Uncovering range of important topics, which are necessary for project development, the program gives Java EE grounding,

Best graduates are enrolled on BU DevStudio Internship non-competitively.

Background needed

Java ЕЕ is aimed at students who are already familiar with Java program language (at the level of Java Start) and Java Standard Edition platform (knowledge covered in Java SE program), and have skills of development in this platform.

The certificate of completion of any BIONIC SchoolBIONIC University and BIONIC University Pro program guarantees 10% discount for this program.

Knowledge and skills acquired

Java EE graduate will gain knowledge of main architecture project development patterns; learn how to build databases effectively, develop Persistence and Presentation layers of application. Also a graduate will be prepared for Spring framework, Spring MVC architecture and Web Services development studying.

According to the results and trainer’s feedback up to 10 graduates will be enrolled on BU DevStudio Internship  non-competitively. Within the program there is enhanced Java EE studying and team development of real projects with the Lean methodology usage.

Program major topics


  • Java EE platform, specifications, containers (web, ejb) and application servers. Software architecture basics;
  • Design architecture patterns. Model-View-Controller;
  • Dependency Injection;
  • Development methodologies (waterfall model, Agile / Scrum). 

Java Persistence API

  • Object-relational mapping. Metadata. Entity architecture. Fields persistence. Relationships. Entity managers. Persistence units. Data sources;
  • Maven. Goals and advantages. Repositories. Dependencies. Maven project and pom.xml;
  • Entities. Configuring persistence unit. Entity manager factories. Entity actions;
  • JP QL. Queries. Filtering results. Joins between entities;
  • Relationships. Embedded objects, database schema generation.

Web Application Development

  • WWW. HTTP. Java EE technologies for web;
  • HTML. Tags. Document structure. Forms. CSS selectors;
  • Servlets. Tomcat overview. doGet and doPost methods. Request parameters;
  • JSP. Scriptlets. Declarations. Expressions. control-flow statements. form processing.

Spring framework overview

  • POJOs. Java development simplification;
  • Spring modules and architecture.

Spring MVC overview

  • Architecture and life cycle. Dispatcher servlet. Basic Maven dependencies for Spring MVC, web.xml tuning. Spring MVC bean definitions. Creating controllers and views;
  • Data Tables (Basic tags for displaying data, controllers and views creation, CSS examples for data tables.);
  • Forms processing (Spring form tag library, controller methods for displaying and processing forms.Building form views, form validation. Diagnostic messages. Editing data);
  • Templates (Apache tiles basics, how to create template. Headers, menus and footers, how to use template);
  • Localization (Internationalization basics, properties files, resource-bundle variable. Diagnostic messages localization).
Practical part of the program

During the studying students individually work on practical tasks, related to the system architecture development and its database development, Java Persistence API and Web Application development, dependencies implementation.  A trainer and a Tech Expert provide further code review. The main task of practical part of the program is to prepare a graduate to work on a project.


If you face any difficulties during the registration process (you didn’t receive an e-mail with the profile activation link, you have some troubles with application form, you can’t log in to your account), please follow this link. After you fill in the form our administrator will contact you as soon as possible.

Students Enrolled
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Client Happiness, %

Thanks to Bionic I was able to generalize my theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience. During the training I was impressed by the number of case studies and lecture material. Thanks to Bionic, and especially to Victor Mozharskyi, for this push into the world of Java development.

Serhii Naumovych
Java EE Graduate

Great courses! Information provided during the course and help in choosing the right technology step by step led me to writing my own application. Though it is not massive, but it functions correctly. Now I have an idea of how larger systems are built. In my opinion all of the technologies outlined in the course are very relevant for understanding the basics of building large systems, both in terms of the trends in the modern labor market. I want to thank Mozharskiy Victor for his work and Bionic University team for the organization of courses.

Sergii Podoroga
Java Start, Java SE, Java Pre-Production Program graduate

The programs were very interesting and informative, the level of teaching is very high. All topics covered were relevant and applicable in practice (verified this after employment). A large amount of practical part of the course was also very useful for understanding the material covered and for more rapid entry into real projects. The knowledge gained during the course also allowed me to pass an interview, and now I'm actively applying it in my work. So join)

Oleksandr Chugui
Java SE, Java Pre-Production Program Graduate

I think that Bionic is the strongest IT training center now, with a lot of relevant topics, trainers are all practitioners, enough practical tasks, a lot of like-minded and interesting peers. I would highly recommend to all undergraduates and juniors/middles, or people who want to expand their knowledge

Denys Balastryk
Graduate of 3 Tech programs

Yes, Bionic definitely helped me achieve what I wanted, namely to become a programmer. It's quite difficult to reach the level that corresponds to the modern requirements of employers on our own, and BIONIC helped me learn a programming language, technologies, and most importantly try everything on practical projects. Your university has influenced my life more than 5 years in good Ukrainian university. Thank you!

Margaryta Kozub
Graduate of 3 Tech+Soft programs

Studying at Bionic for me was very useful and interesting. The knowledge helped to quickly master new technologies of development. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your programs.

Vasyl Skliarov
Graduate of 7 Tech+Soft Programs