Java SE
Level: Advanced
36 hours / 1.5 months

*The payment is made in native currency at the exchange rate of NBU on the date of agreement

*The payment can be made in two parts.

Background needed

This program is a logical continuation of Java Start, therefore, candidates who want to start learning this program, should have knowledge and skills regarding topics covered in Java Start - object-oriented programming, data types, Java operators, arrays, the most important classes etc.

The certificate of completion of any BIONIC SchoolBIONIC University and BIONIC University Pro program guarantees 10% discount for this program.

Knowledge and skills acquired

After finishing the program, the graduate will have got knowledge and practical skills required to work with Java Standard Edition platform and basic experience in writing the program in Java. It will prepare the graduates for learning Java Enterprise Edition and Android platforms on Java EE and Android Dev programs.  

Program major topics

Collections and generics:

  • Collections;
  • Java 8 collections;
  • Generics.

Input/output basics:

  • Input/output flows;
  • Files. Serialization;
  • Line work;
  • Java and XML.

Databases and JDBC:

  • Introduction to databases;
  • Database operation using Java.


  • Flows;
  • Synchronization and liveness;
  • Tools of high-level parallelism.
Practical part of the program

Alongside with studying students individually work on set of practical tasks on data bases and development in Java with further code review by the trainer and tech  expert.  

Internship BU Dev Studio

With the Java SE program, you are one step closer in studying JAVA technology. It remains to learn the Java EE or Android Dev programs and you will receive an invitation to participate in the Internship!
In any case, you can start your training in any direction that corresponds to your level of knowledge.

The BU DevStudio Internship is the program for BIONIC School graduates where you can get experience of teamwork on a real business project. During 5 months interns develop software solutions for the customer and present the finished product (MVP) at the end. Thus, interns not only deepen the knowledge of technology, but also receive the first project in the portfolio, which distinguishes them in the labor market. About half of the Internship participants find work before they complete the program.


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Students Enrolled
Classes per week
Client Happiness, %

The programs were very interesting and informative, the level of teaching is very high. All topics covered were relevant and applicable in practice (verified this after employment). A large amount of practical part of the course was also very useful for understanding the material covered and for more rapid entry into real projects. The knowledge gained during the course also allowed me to pass an interview, and now I'm actively applying it in my work. So join)

Oleksandr Chugui
Java SE, Java Pre-Production Program Graduate

Great courses! Information provided during the course and help in choosing the right technology step by step led me to writing my own application. Though it is not massive, but it functions correctly. Now I have an idea of how larger systems are built. In my opinion all of the technologies outlined in the course are very relevant for understanding the basics of building large systems, both in terms of the trends in the modern labor market. I want to thank Mozharskiy Victor for his work and Bionic University team for the organization of courses.

Sergii Podoroga
Java Start, Java SE, Java Pre-Production Program graduate

Java SE, EE were wonderful. SE nicely covers the basics of language, which are fixed with tests at almost every lesson. EE itself gave a lot of practice, as from the very first lesson students were creating a mini-project, starting from its design/development and ending with a full presentation . Huge thanks to Bionic =)

Vitaliy Rastvorov
Java SE, EE Graduate